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CACOFONIA – our essence

A liking for art as well as a modern attitude – the people behind Cacofonia are art school graduates, photographers, and film aficionados. Through a collaborative process and a creative atmosphere, we are trying to create the brand that you and we have always been missing.

Talented European designers – our patterns are perfected to the very last detail. As a collective of artists, we are looking for inspiration together and let our designers freely implement these ideas in our projects.

Handmade in the European Union, in Poland – we carefully supervise the sewing process, as we work closely with our partners. We guarantee impeccable quality.

Comfort – all our fabrics are extraordinarily soft, smooth, and delicate.

In this short video you can see how our Colorful Jungle pattern was created:

How do we create our clothes?

CACOFONIA is a brand that goes against the ubiquitous fast fashion – fashion, that’s generating tons of clothes and thus causing enormous pollution of the environment.

Our clothes are sewn to order, with attention to the smallest detail. Starting from designing patterns – some of them are entirely handmade – through the process of printing patterns on fabrics and ending with sewing in a Polish sewing room.

Although you can not get CACOFONIA products made to order as quickly as clothes from chain stores – the group of our (satisfied!) Customers is constantly growing, expanding to more countries. It’s remarkably enjoyable to us and motivates us to continuous development!


How it all started?

CACOFONIA is a family business, founded by two sisters – Julia and Natalia. Julia, the older one, born in Paris, is a professional photographer and travelling lover. The younger one, Natalia, via her passion for fashion, film, and new media, transfers the newest trends, and attractive content for her peers right into Cacofonia products.

The idea for this brand came from our mutual love for art and design. During our childhood, we were constantly exposed to photography and painting, and hence became heavily infatuated with visual culture, which influences our current work and is something we want to present from a modern perspective.

Travelling – the experiences we were lucky to gain, during our trips to Europe’s fashion capitals and our visits beyond the continent, provoked the creation of a certain aesthetic. We once realized in Milan that people dress “sort of differently” from what we were used to. Their style was bolder, more colorful, with a keen eye for detail. And maybe already then, only very slowly, the idea for a clothing brand started blossoming.

Now, our goal is to bring fine arts and intriguing patterns into the streets. And no one is going to wear them better than our clients, who treasure pieces of art and design patterns, but are also able to take it all with a pinch of salt.