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Women's short bomber jackets

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Classic bomber jackets unisex

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Bomber jackets

The Bomber jacket is a short jacket with an informal cut and knit wear cuffs around the waist, sleeves, and collar. As its name implies, it comes from an aviation background and made its first appearance in 1917. Thanks to the U.S. pilots, who served in World War I and were unsatisfied with their current stiff, non-water-proof natural leather jackets, the bomber jacket is now a common piece of clothing for the general public. In the 1980’s the bomber jacket became a fashion statement of Punk culture. Today, we see a great comeback of this type of jacket, as many designers and stylists choose it as the basis for their own ideas and artistic vision.

The greatest benefit the bomber jacket has to offer is its versatility. You can wear this jacket throughout the seasons, whether it’s spring, autumn, or even a cool summer night – the bomber jacket is certainly the way to go.
Both, men and women, are perfect suitors for a bomber jacket, as long as they look for a nonchalantly comfortable and cool look.

A jeans, T-shirt and print-style bomber jacket combo will inevitably result in a modern, fashionable look. As cool as the bomber jacket looks, it can also be a part of a more serious outfit in combination with a nice pair of elegant trousers and a dress shirt – you can wear it instead of a blazer. The bomber jacket for women can also be combined with a dress.

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