Clothes made in Poland, European Union. How are they made?

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Marki szyjące ubrania w Polsce

Clothes made in Poland, EU. We are pulling back the curtains!

More and more people are joining our CACOFONIA Stop community every day. For those who are new here, we would like to shed some light on a question that’s on many people’s minds: how are CACOFONIA products made? 

As a brand, CACOFONIA started off in the second half of 2017, previously as CACOFONIA Milano – founded by Julia and Natalia, two sisters from Warsaw, and is now a family and friend run business.

How do most brands work?

Most companies in the clothing industry produce clothing in vast quantities and in the form of seasonal collections. The benefit of such a model is that products are ready for delivery right after they’re ordered. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that it’s difficult to predict how many items will actually be sold. And then what do they do with the items that weren’t sold? Some clothing brands have big sales almost permanently, others throw out the leftovers, and again others, such as many fashion giants, simply… burn them (!).

Us? – We sew on demand

We decided to go with a model that’s somewhat riskier in a world dominated by the excess of fast fashion: we start sewing after the client has ordered. Turns out you, the aware and responsible consumer, weren’t discouraged by the 5 to 21-day-wait (depending on the product). You know that quality is worth waiting for; after all, our products are made to last. Thanks to you, we are able to build our brand in the spirit of slow fashion. When we help you choose the right size, you’re happy because you get the right product, and we’re happy because we can keep functioning without a warehouse.

Of course, another solution could’ve been releasing a small series of products with limited availability, but it was important for us to give you a great variety of patterns and sizes at CACOFONIA, which we’ll talk about below.

A wide range of sizes: XS-6XL

Thanks to sewing our products on demand we were able to introduce another important point: a wide range of sizes. At Cacofonia you can find all sizes, ranging from XS to 6XL. We know how difficult it is to find plus size clothing in Poland. There have been some improvements in that department, but the general tendency of plus size clothing being visually unappealing still persists. We offer colorful clothes with beautiful patterns in sizes that go beyond sizes 54/58. If it weren’t for our sewing-on-demand model, we would have to produce all our clothes ahead of time, store them in a warehouse, and wouldn’t be able to offer such a wide range of sizes.

Darmowa wysyłka Cacofonia ubrania szyte w Polsce

Clothing made in Poland and Polish designers

Despite the high production costs, it was paramount to us to support the Polish fashion market. We decided on a production process that’s realized in Poland from A to Z: starting from our cuts, which are made by Polish designers and design engineers, it is also important to stress that we also choose Polish fabric suppliers (all our fabrics are produced in Łódź) We work on our designs in cooperation with artists and alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Some of them (like Aga Głód, creator of your favorite pattern “Colorful Jungle”) create their patterns by painting and drawing on paper. Others feel more comfortable using computer-assisted design tools. Regardless of their chosen methods, each and every pattern is designed specifically for us. The next stage in the production process is the creation of the actual clothes.

How are Cacofonia clothes made?

  • After you place your order (especially if it’s your first time at Cacofonia) we will contact you to precisely assess the chosen size. Unisex clothing and their sizes can often create doubts or uncertainty. That’s why we’re here to help you find the right size for you.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the proper size, cut, and pattern (e.g. Bomber Jacket Gazelle size S) your product will be ordered and sewn in one of the tailors that we cooperate with
  • The “Gazelle” pattern will then be printed onto a paper cut-out size S using permanent, non-fading ink.
  • The tailor cuts out each part of the product’s fabric in size S: torso, sleeves, cuffs
  • The paper pattern is moved onto the fabric (which you can see in the video below)
  • Next, the individual parts, including some minor additions like zippers or laces, are moved to the sewing facilities, where the seamstresses are responsible for high quality sewing
  • In the step before last we iron the product you ordered
  • Your bomber jacket is now ready to be packed, we add our signature box, and…
  • …the courier picks it up from the sewing facility, bringing it right to your doorstep

Phew! That’s it for now 🙂 We’re happy we could show you at least approximately how CACOFONIA Store clothes are made.

Check out this exemplary opinion of our brand. We love reading reviews like this!

The designs are beautiful and the fabric is very soft. Overall great quality. Customer service is good. Very polite and willing to work with you. I would definitely recommend this product or any other from this store!

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