Rules and regulations


I General rules

  1. This set of rules and regulations is directed at all clients of this online shop and defines all rules regarding the registration process and use of our online shop, the placing of orders, as well as the use of binding sales agreements.
  2. Rules and regulations are freely available on our website to all CACOFONIA users.
  3. CACOFONIA Store is managed by CACOFONIA sp. z o.o., ul. Sportowa 11a, 05-806 Komorów, NIP 5213762110, Poland.                                          .
  4. All information regarding CACOFONIAproducts, e.g. descriptions and prices according to the civil code, function as endorsements  for the creation of sales agreements.
  5. All CACOFONIA products are named and tagged in detail. All information regarding the properties and attributes of our products, e.g. price, material etc., can be found on our website.
  6. The pictures and visualizations of the offered products severe as model depictions of the actual products.
  7. In order to use the online shop and its services, please, note that you must become acquainted with the rules and regulations and accept them.

II Registration

  1. CACOFONIA customers have the possibility to register on our website, which results in the opening of an account.
  2. Registration steps :

2.1. Please, fill out the registration form, in which you will be asked to share your name, surname, address, e-mail address etc.

2.2. you will be asked to accept the rules and regulations, as well as our “cookies” policy.

  1. After filling out the registration form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, in which you will be asked to confirm the correctness of all your shared information. Your account will be activated once you confirm.
  2. The client has the right to terminate their account at any moment. In order to do that, please, contact us via the online contact form.
  3. CACOFONIA reserves the right to delete a client’s account in case of violations of the accepted rules and regulations. This especially concerns faulty, inaccurate, or outdated information that might lead to confusion or might jeopardize the rights of a third party.
  4. The deletion of an account has no effect on the validity of lawful actions made between CACOFONIA and the client.
  5. CACOFONIA archives the following personal data: name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, sex. The above data is being gathered through our online forms and our interpersonal communication. Other information is being gathered through “cookies” and log files.
  6. As part of our website we use cookies and we gather certain information with the help of log files. This concerns mostly the following data: IP address, operating system, websites visited, and enquiries as well as the time and date of the established connection. The use of these files allows us to improve our offered services, adjust their reception, personalize our clients’ profiles, track placed orders, and analyze aggregated statistics. You can, of course, change your settings concerning cooky files at any moment.
  7. We respect the right to raise objections concerning the processing and the revocation of the processing agreement for personal data. The right to raise objections concerning the processing of personal data is defined as the client’s option to not agree to the processing of his or her personal data by our company for the purposes stated during the agreement. The right to revoke the data processing agreement is defined as the client’s option to ask for removal of their personal data from all data bases, e.g. contact list. If you would like to make use of this right, please contact us via the available contact form.
  8. We respect our clients’ right to access their personal data, to modify, and to delete their data. If you would like to make use of this right, please, contact us via the contact form.

III Store policy

  1. All information shared by the client during ordering must be correct, accurate and up-to-date.
  2. It is our undertaking to ensure that all your shared personal information is being kept safe from unauthorized third parties and we use the newest, state of the art security systems to keep your personal data confidential.
  3. Clients using our online services agree to:

3.1. not sending or forwarding lawfully illicit content.

3.2. using our online store in a way that does not interfere with its functioning.

3.3. not sending or posting any commercial information to us or on our website.

3.4. using our online services without interfering with or obstructing the use of our services for other clients or our administrators

3.5. using the contents of our website for personal use only.

IV Prices and shipping costs

  1. Product prices come into effect once the product was ordered. All displayed prices are also total prices, as they also include VAT. The product is owned by CACOFONIA until the full price for the particular product has been paid.
  2. CACOFONIA takes no responsibility for custom authorities and their actions and has no influence on possible additional charges related to custom authorities in your country.

V Payment methods

  1. The following payment methods are available to you: internet bank transfer and credit card. We accept all payments from bank accounts within EU limits.
  2. All credit card or bank transfer transactions are carried out by and PayPal.
  3. The client chooses the payment method in the order form and completes the payment according to the information given in your order.
  4. Payment costs depend on the chosen payment method. The client pays for possible transaction costs according to their bank policy. In case there will be any unexpected charges the client will be informed about these during the transaction process.
  5. All transactions are secured and encoded. CACOFONIA does not archive any information concerning your credit card.

VI Coupons and discounts 

  1. Coupons are vouchers, which are not available for sale, but are exclusively handed out for commercial and advertising purposes and have an expiry date.
  2. Coupons are only valid during specifically stated days, or for single purchases only. Some products may be excluded from discount offers. Coupons may also be connected to a priorly stated minimum shopping value.
  3. The product value cannot be smaller than the value presented on the coupon. If the product value is larger than the value of the coupon the difference can be compensated in one of the following ways. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash and there is no interest rate. You will not be reimbursed for the coupons, if you return the goods partially or completely.
  4. Coupons can only be used during the ordering process. Later use of the coupon is not possible. Third parties are not alowed to make use of said coupons. Coupons values cannot be added to one another, unless with the owner’s agreement.
  5. Discounts cannot be added at CACOFONIA Discounts cannot be added to items that are currently on sale.

VII Sales agreement:

  1. CACOFONIA receives all online orders throughout weekdays and weekends. All orders placed on weekends and holidays will be realized on the first workday after the order was placed.
  2. Clients can place orders without having to be registered on our website ( shopping without registering).
  3. Order can only be placed under the condition that all necessary fields in the order form were filled out properly, so that successful deliveries and the generation of VAT invoices as well as receipts can be guaranteed.
  4. For an order to be placed successfully it is necessary that you choose your specific products (number of items, size, pattern etc.), move on to your  “shopping cart”, and continue the ordering process as indicated by the instructions and payment options to choose from.
  5. The client has the possibility to make any changes he/she wishes concerning his/her order and all information he/she shares concerning the delivery address or VAT invoices until the confirmation button, “buy and pay”, is clicked. Once “buy and pay” has been clicked, the client agrees to pay the full price of the ordered products.
  6. The client’s confirmation of the placed order is considered an offer for a sales agreement, according to the order description and the stated rules and regulations of CACOFONIA.
  7. After the order placement the client will receive an e-mail containing all information concerning the order (number of ordered items, total value of the products, etc.). This e-mail is considered a confirmation that our online store has received your offer for the above mentioned sales agreement.
  8. After the order acceptance confirmation was received the client and CACOFONIA are bound to the previously stated sales agreement.
  9. Every product order is considered an acceptance of our rules and regulations.
  10. The customer is aware that the sizes given in the table may be different from the actual ones by an margin of error about 1.5 cm – it depends on the contractility of the material fibers.

 VIII Delivery and reception of products

  1. All order will be realized once the bank transfer has been completed and is visible on our bank statement.
  2. All orders are being realized from Monday to Friday during working hours, with the exception of weekends and holidays. Our products are made to order. We are sewing it for you with attention to every detail, in Poland, Europe. Printing the material and sewing the product takes about twenty working days. Women’s and men’s t-shirts, scarves, leggings and beach towels are ready to ship within five to twelve working days. Bags, sweatshirts, skirts and hoodies in about twenty working days. Bomber jackets up to thirty business days. Shipping time depends on country: in Europe it takes around 10 days, other continents 10-20 days.
  3. All products are delivered to address provided in the order form.
  4. All ordered products are delivered including a receipt or VAT invoice. The return form is available on our website (download).
  5. Clients have the right to add a delivery address that is not situated within the limits of the Republic of Poland, with the following exceptions:

5.1. The realization of orders mentioned in point 5 will be handled according to our rules and regulations, with the following modifications:

5.2.The time of the realization of order depends on the location of the delivery address.

5.3. Any costs resulting from the return of a product that is not faulty must be covered by the client.

5.4. CACOFONIA does not manage any activity outside the limits of the Republic of Poland. The online store only makes delivery to countries available to the client, according to the above-mentioned rules.

IX Complaints

  1. All products offered in the online store are brand new and CACOFONIA originals. CACOFONIA is accountable for any physically apparent or lawful flaws or defects of our products, according to art. 556 and the following of the civil code.
  2. The client has the right to file complaints concerning all bought products at CACOFONIA, only when handled in a timely manner and according to the law and our rules and regulations, if the product is faulty or deviates in any way from the sales agreement
  3. All complaints can be filed through returning the faulty product, including a written description of the problem on the return form and the receipt or VAT invoice, to the following address: Cacofonia , ul.Sportowa 11a, 05-806 Komorów, Poland
  4. The client will receive information concerning CACOFONIA’s complaint considerations within the next 30 days of the return of the product.
  5. In case your complaint will not be considered adequate, your product will be returned to you with a written statement explaining the decision process.
  6. If your complaint is accepted, you will receive a refund of the entire value of the product to your bank account in 30 days.
  7. If the client recognizes any damages on the product that may have occurred during transport, we strongly encourage the client to write a protocol describing the situation.

X Returned products –resignation from sales agreement

  1. The client, being a consumer according to the law, has the right to resign from a sales agreement without giving any explanations, based on the following rules.
  2. The client can resign from the sales agreement within the first 30 days of the reception of the product, or when a third party, other than the delivery man or any other by the client appointed person, came into the possession of the product.
  3. The client has the right to return the product under the following conditions:

3.1. the product must not show any signs of usage and has to be in the condition of reception.

3.2.the product has to have its original packaging and all original labels.

3.3.please, attach the receipt and return form (it’s available on our website – download

4. Due to the fact that we do not have stockpiles and each of our clothes is sewn on an individual order for a particular customer – we are obliged not to accept returns and exchange from the client who is choosing more than two clothes in one order.

5. CACOFONIA does not have in a permanent offer clothes in non-standard sizes: 4xl, 5xl and 6xl. Clothes ordered individually in these large non-standard sizes are are not subject to exchanges and returns.

6. It is the client’s responsibility to cover the return costs.

7. CACOFONIA does not take responsibility for incorrectly sent or addressed packages.

8. The client will be reimbursed the same way he/she chose to make the payment, unless the client clearly and unmistakably says otherwise.The client will be reimbursed within the next 30 days after receiving the package.

XI Final notes

  1. All clients’ personal data gathered during registration are processed by CACOFONIA with the intention of realizing clients’ orders, as well as for marketing purposes of the store itself, but only if the client agrees to that during registration. The client has the right to add, update, and correct his/her personal data, or to completely cancel the agreement to let CACOFONIA process their data, as well as to demand their deletion, if they are incomplete, outdated, incorrect, gathered unlawfully, or have no purpose for the initial intents anymore. The client also has the right to deny CACOFONIA the right to process their personal data for marketing purposes altogether.
  2. Not accepting the rules and regulations will inevitably result in the inability to purchase any products from the CACOFONIA online store. CACOFONIA gives the client the possibility to get acquainted with the rules and regulations during the ordering process. Clients, who are already registered on our website will automatically receive updates concerning the change of the rules and regulations, once such changes will be made. Clients, who do not agree with the occurring changes in the rules and regulations of the online store, have the right to delete their account at any moment.
  3. The sales agreement abides Polish legislation.
  4. If any of the above-mentioned rules would, for whatever reason, happen to be, partially or completely, unlawful, they will have no influence on the rest of the rules and regulations.
  5. If a previously unmentioned scenario would occur the adequate laws of the civil code, or other articles of the law that would have any use in the activity and functioning of the online store, will come into use.
  6. The applicable court of law for the settlement of a potential dispute would be the local court of law for the headquarter of CACOFONIA Krzysztof Kaczorowski.
  7. CACOFONIA reserves its right to change the rules and regulations at any given moment. The changes have an effect on all order placed after the rules and regulations officially changed.
  8. All rights for the trademarks and brand names presented on the online store website belong to their rightful owners and are only placed on the website for informational purposes.