Color and Comfort: the New Sports Collection from CACOFONIA Store

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Hey, we’re coming to you with news that will surprise you with comfort, functionality, and colorful designs. Our latest sports collection is a blend of vibrant colors, intense prints, and top-quality materials, ensuring not only a stylish look but also comfort during any physical activity. Introducing three new colorful sportswear items: sports leggings, short shorts known as “bike shorts,” and a sports top.

Patterned Leggings – Unique Comfort and Flexibility

Our new leggings are made from high-quality double-layered fabric weighing 240g, providing excellent coverage and no see-through even during the most intense workouts. The material’s elasticity allows for unrestricted movement in any direction, making them the perfect choice for active women looking to feel comfortable during their workouts. We’re particularly proud of the high waist and wide waistband, which keeps the leggings in place even during the most demanding activities.

Bike Shorts – Style and Functionality

Our bike shorts, also known as “bikers,” are not only a great choice for cycling enthusiasts but also for women engaging in various sports disciplines. Their versatility makes them perfect for running, fitness training, or yoga. Thanks to their excellent fit and exceptional material elasticity, you can be sure your movements will be fluid, and you’ll feel comfortable. Just like with leggings, pay attention to the high waist and wide waistband, which keep them in place even during dynamic movements. Moreover, our bike shorts can also be worn in everyday fashion combinations, allowing for Pinterest-worthy styling.

Sports Tops – Versatility and Comfort

Our sports top is a perfect combination of a tank top and a sports bra, providing comfort and support during workouts. We’ve used high-quality elastic material that perfectly conforms to the body, allowing for freedom of movement during any activity. Thanks to a special double-layered fabric weighing 220g, our sports top not only prevents see-through but also allows wearing it without an additional bra, providing a “second skin” feeling. This beautifully highlights the back neckline. Small holes inside the top allow for inserting your own cups for those who like extra support. Of course, you can also wear the top as a regular shirt, with your own bra underneath.

Colorful Patterns and Durable, Intense Prints

Our new sports collection stands out not only for its excellent technical properties but also for its vibrant patterns and intense prints. Reds, greens, blues, and many other colors will give you energy and motivation during your workouts.

Clothing for Various Sports Disciplines

Our sports clothing is an ideal choice not only for a specific discipline but for various types of physical activities. Here are a few suggestions:

Yoga: Pair our colorful bike shorts or leggings with our sports top for maximum freedom of movement and comfort during yoga practice, or, if you prefer, mix them with your favorite sports bra in a matching color.

Strength Training: Our colorful bike shorts are an ideal choice for women during strength training, providing comfort and support in every move. Thanks to the waistband, the shorts won’t slip even during an intense workout.

Pilates: Our collection will also work great during reformer exercises and machine-less pilates. If you opt for a calmer workout, put on your favorite sweater in a matching color and pattern.

Cycling: Colorful bike shorts paired with our sports top create a perfect set for cycling enthusiasts, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement during every ride. If you need extra support for your buttocks in the form of a special “pad” in shorts, opt for specialized cycling clothing (which we don’t offer), but combine it with our colorful second skin top for a professional yet stylish look.

Gymnastics: Our sports clothing is very elastic, making it suitable for performing various figures 🙂

Rock Climbing and Bouldering: Our colorful clothes will work great on the wall. The wide waistband in leggings and shorts will prevent material slippage. Additionally, the light shine of the clothes prevents chalk from sticking too much!

Running: Wearing our leggings will allow you to enjoy comfort and freedom of movement during every run, regardless of the distance.

Sports… But Also for Everyday Wear! Music festivals, here we come!

Admittedly, this application came out a bit unexpectedly. Models at the photoshoot started combining their everyday clothes with our sports collection, and it turned out… brilliantly! It turns out that our colorful patterns, especially on tops and bike shorts, look great in everyday summer outfits, and what’s more, you can create a unique, colorful outfit for music festivals with them!

CACOFONIA Sport: Colorful Sports Clothing

The sports collection from CACOFONIA Store is a combination of style, comfort, and functionality that will make every physical activity even more enjoyable. With high-quality materials and striking patterns, our sports clothing will not only be the perfect companion during workouts but also a fashionable element of your daily wardrobe. Be sure to share it with your friends!

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