The Greek Collection – AI Art – a unique collection in collaboration with Egyptian artist Henar Sherif

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See the unique collection of clothes from CACOFONIA brand, which were inspired by Greek mythology: Apollo, Zephyrus and Aphrodite patterns. It was created by the artist Henar Sherif, using AI Art. All clothes are made from A to Z in Poland, European Union.

Polish brand CACOFONIA & Henar Sherif, an artist from Egypt

I am Henar Sherif, an Egyptian photographer and Art director, but above all, I’m a seeker of art. I seek art in what I do, in who I am and in what I wear. When it comes to art in fashion, Cacofonia has always been a muse and an inspiration, they always had my admiration as a client. As soon as I thought about implementing my generations into artistic fashion pieces, it was Cacofonia who I had to reach out to. I’m honored and happy to announce our collaboration together presenting to you the Greek Collection. Echoing mythology through fashion, every piece tells a story from history, and every piece is waiting to carry the story of its owner – says the artist.

AI Art – art created with the help of artificial intelligence

The Greek Collection is a modern collection, it was created with Photoshop and with the help of… AI Art. And what is AI Art? Henar Sherif compared it to reading a book in which the author describes a scene: what it looks like, how the light falls, what the vibe is like, the colors. While working with AI, you also describe the scene you have in your imagination with words, and the AI converts the text into images.

It allows you to discover means of expression you didn’t think were possible, discover new ways to approach classical art and benefit from the collective human artistic knowledge to express your own mind on unlimited levels. It’s still not understood and facing some criticism from people who would rather support traditional art, but so was everything new and revolutionary when it started. I believe painters had the same confusion when cameras were invented, yet neither of them can replace the other, and each of them has its use, style and field of study and work. It’s definitely gonna impact the art scene in the coming years, but it’s gonna have its own style and definition, I don’t believe it will replace traditional art.This is the natural process of the introduction to new means, but it’s happening and it’s the future and I believe the smart thing is to cope with change to be able to stay ahead – the artist notes.

pink pareo scarf

– Being a photographer and studying art helped me so much with AI art, understanding how angles and compositions work, what makes a good composition, understanding the lighting, also what helps me most is my background on the history of art, I’m very passionate about classical art and the work of classical artists, I use it as inspiration for photography and as inspiration when I work with AI art – added Henar Sherif.

The Greek Collection

In the collection, created for CACOFONIA brand, there are three patterns referring to Greek mythology.

Blue and gold Zephyrus design: Zephyr, in Greek mythology, is the god and personification of the west wind – warm, moist, awakening nature to life.

Pink and blue Aphrodite design: the most beautiful Greek goddess. In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of love, beauty, flowers, lust and fertility. In Roman mythology, her counterpart is Venus.

Gray and white Apollo design: Apollo, in Greek mythology, is the son of Zeus and Leto, one of the twelve most important gods of Olympus. This is a deity with many, often contradictory, powers. He was considered the god of beauty, light, life, death, plague, music, divination, truth, law, order, the patron of art and poetry, the guide of muses, inspiration, healing, archery, bachelors, and soothsayers.

Henar Sherif The greek collection CACOFONIA

Iconic bomber jackets

In the past, bomber jackets were associated with high school students from American movies or airplane pilots from the last century. However, it soon turned out that a bomber jacket is great for everyone, regardless of age. The key lies in what we combine them with and in stylish accessories. Bomber jackets are great for everyday outfit and can be both a casual and elegant addition to urban stylizations. Bomber jackets are fashionable jackets, usually with two pockets and a ribbed finish: both on the collar and on the sleeves and at the waist. They are often slightly longer at the front and tightened at the back. They can be worn both as a fitted jacket and as an oversize cut. Today, apart from monochromatic versions, brands offer interesting patterns. Our CACOFONIA bomber jackets have colorful patterns, including those inspired by art – such as the unique The Greek Collection in collaboration with Henar Sherif. In our online store you will find both classic unisex bomber jackets and short women’s jackets, perfect for dresses, high-waisted trousers or simply for people of lower height.

Colorful square scarves

They look especially good with a plain blouse and a denim jacket. There are many ways to wear square scarves, and you are only limited by your imagination: you can tie a scarf not only around your neck, but also as a hair band, around your wrist or the handle of your bag, and also put it on your head. Every day is a new way! Neckerchief matches both the sporty look and perfectly complement the elegant style. In The Greek Collection you will find colorful scarves with patterns referring to art.

Light pareo scarves – sarong

We also have something for those who prefer bigger wraps! They will serve you both as a pareo for the beach, an ornament for an elegant dress, a turban protecting against the sun, and even a material on which you can sit on the beach. The Greek Collection pareo scarves have a permanent, double-sided print. The thin material makes it easy to compress and easily fits in your bag.

Warm shawls – ponchos

Cold? The Greek Collection is a collection full of warmth – it was created in Egypt, patterns are referring to Greece… However, we wanted these unique designs to be used also in colder climates. That’s why you can also find Apollo, Aphrodite and Zephyrus patterns on our warm decorative scarves. These are large shawls in smooth fleece with fringe detailing. The huge surface beautifully presents the works created by the artist Henar Sherif – on one side you will see a pattern, on the other a solid color, matching the color palette, chosen by the artist. A small button on the scarf allows you to turn it into a poncho.

Made to order end entirely manufactured in the European Union, Poland

Each piece of clothing with The Greek Collection patterns is made especially for you in a Polish printing and sewing room, our materials also come from a Polish supplier. Each ordered piece of clothing is made by, in brief: cutting the material for the size you choose, printing the pattern, sewing your clothing, ironing, shipping. If you want to read more about the process of creating our clothes, you can do it HERE.

See all patterns from THE GREEK COLLECTION – here!


sztuka AI i moda CACOFONIA Henar Sherif

Author of the photoshoot: Henar Sherif

Models: @adhaymann@hyattfarghaly@nourrasmyy

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